Active Match Beneficial for Allie and Addison

Allie Magarian HS Big Sister of the Year 2024 with Addison

When Allie Margarian was matched with her Little Sister, Addison, in April 2021, she knew that they had been paired together based on their shared love of soccer, being active, and having fun.

What Allie didn’t realize at that initial meeting, but quickly came to realize, was that she and Addison also shared an inquisitive view of the world. Since that first meeting, Allie has grown to understand that their shared inquisitive views bring her and Addison together and allow them to grow as a match – and as people.

Now, Allie is the 2024 Central Minnesota High School Big Sister of the Year and the 2024 Minnesota High School Big Sister of the Year.

Addison’s mom, Erin, enrolled her in Big Brothers Big Sisters when she was in the third grade. Addison has two brothers and four male cousins, and Erin realized her daughter needed another female role model in her life.

In the year and a half since they’ve been matched, it’s clear that Allie’s relationship with Addison has become an important outlet for her to share her thoughts and feelings.

When they were first matched, Allie and Addison played a lot of games together indoors and spent their time talking and learning about one another. They learned that they both love soccer and have played almost their whole lives, and that neither one likes homework.

When spring arrived and Allie and Addison were able to get outside and expend their energy while continuing to learn more about each other, their relationship thrived. They played Lava Monster and tag, and used those games to cement their friendship.

Allie was nervous when the school year ended just a few months after their initial match. Would they lose contact, and have to start the process all over again in the fall with getting to know one another and re-gaining that trust? But when they met up at a St. Cloud Rox baseball game with other matches from the agency in July, her worries were gone: Addison was the same talkative, creative, laughter-filled girl that Allie had said goodbye to a few weeks earlier.

That mid-summer meeting helped boost Allie’s confidence in both herself as a mentor and in her match with Addison. Allie said watching Addison continue to grow in self confidence made her realize how important this match and their time together was not only to Addison, but to Allie as well.

Erin has noticed the importance of the match as well. With Allie’s encouragement, Addison is more involved in sports – and she gets so excited when she knows that Allie will be in the stands at her games in Sartell, cheering her on. She has also improved her relationship with her brothers, and developed important communication skills.

Allie knows that the next year may be challenging for both herself and Addison as they transition to new schools (intermediate to middle school for Addison and high school to college for Allie), but that standing side by side, they have nothing to fear and they will face these new challenges and unknowns together.

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